Green Kitchen Cabinets - How to Choose the Right Colors

A green kitchen is simply a beautiful, brightly green version of the classic white cooker. While the current trend of black, monochromatic kitchens is definitely not out of the question, green kitchen styles are making a resurgence. If you are tired of the typical white kitchen design, here are 18 green kitchen ideas to spark your imagination. You will find that the styles are as varied as the individuals who create them.

Green Kitchen

One great green kitchen idea

is to replace the standard white flooring with granite or natural stone slabs. Install a large stone counter that stretches from one wall to the other, serving as the starting point for the design. You can then install bright-colored cabinetry in the form of a rolling dinette set, followed by wooden cabinets and custom T-stands. Another option would be to use salvaged wood cabinets instead of contemporary ones, which feature a matte finish and sleek construction. Custom flooring constructed out of sustainable timbers such as teak or bamboo is another idea that you might want to consider.

Green kitchen features

Mid-green kitchens typically feature stainless steel appliances, white tile floors, and exposed brick or stone walls. Because of the simplicity of these furnishings, they lend themselves well to simple style ideas such as the above-mentioned cabinetry. In contrast, more ambitious green kitchens may have a rustic feel due to exposed brick or stone walls. To add some spice to the mid-green kitchen, think about installing a natural stone countertop as well as wooden cabinets. These elements will pull the room together to create a unique feel.

Green Kitchen

how to save money on green kitchen

As you work on your kitchen design, it is important to realize that using green materials for cabinets and fixtures helps save money, while also helping to sustain the planet. Recycled glass and doors are a very cost-effective way to incorporate green ideas into your kitchen design. A few other green materials that play well with cabinets include ceramic tiles, stone, and granite.

One final idea for green cabinets

would be to work with old-fashioned oak cabinets. Although an oak kitchen cabinet may seem out of place in today's world, they work beautifully well due to their timeless beauty. Even a dark stained cabinet can work wonders in bringing a new green theme to your green kitchen.

Dark or light green kitchen

The final green kitchen ideas you may want to consider include using natural fabrics such as linen and opting for a lighter shade of paint or wallpaper. By choosing a shade of green that is darker than what you are accustomed to seeing, you will be able to create a unique atmosphere that is less bright and flashy. One thing you must keep in mind if you opt for a darker shade of green is that the lighter shade of green will need to be complemented with bright wallpapers and other accessories. For example, if you choose a shade of green that is light, you will want a bright floral pattern or wallpaper on the walls. If, however, you choose a darker green, you will want to use a pattern that is deep and rich.


How to choose accessories colors

When choosing new accessories for your green kitchen, you should take some time and consider what color works beautifully well with your cabinets. Try going with a very dark wood grain such as mahogany or teak, both of which work beautifully with almost any color. You can also choose a more earthy color such as brown or beige. Another option is to go with a color like a peach. Both of these colors work well with just about any decorating style.

 green kitchen

There are many other ideas for green kitchen cabinets, as well as other types of green kitchen cabinets. These ideas will allow you to bring a little more energy and life to your kitchen while not costing you a fortune. The more time and thought you put into planning your new kitchen, the better off you will be. Remember, it is never too late to do something different! Make your kitchen one of a kind by considering these simple ideas.